Joji Yuasa 1929- List of Works
Yasuo Kohno, Hyakuten Museum and Geijutsu Gendai sha ed. The World of Joji Yuasa, Geijutsu Gendai sha, 2004. (written in Japanese)
Website "Joji Yuasa Zen Shigoto (Joji Yuasa's Complete Works; written in Japanese)"

Orchestral Works
1967 Projection - Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon for 8 koto and orchestra
1967 Step to the Future for wind orchestra
1972 Chronoplastic - Between Stasis and Kinesis - CD
1973 March "Niigata" for wind orchestra CD
1975-76 TIME of Orchestral Time
1980 Requiem for Orchestra
1983 A Dirge by Bach - for the sick soul -
1983 A Perspective for Orchestra CD
1986 Revealed Time for viola and orchestra CD
1980-89 Scenes from Basho CD
1991 Hommage a Sibelius - The Midnight Sun -
1992 Eye on Genesis II CD
1994 Piano Concertino for piano and orchestra CD
1995 Symphonic Suite "The Narrow Road into the Deep North: Basho" CD
1996 Violin Concerto - In Memory of Toru Takemitsu - CD
1997 Cosmic Solitude for baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra
1998 Fanfare of Winter Light for wind orchestra CD
1999/2000 Chronoplastic II - Hommage a E Varèse -
2001 Chronoplastic III - Between Stasis and Kinesis - In memory of Iannis Xenakis CD
2002 Cosmos Haptic V
2005 Eye on Genesis III

Instrumental Works
1952 Two Pastorals for piano CD
1953 Three Score Set for piano CD
1954 Serenade: chant pour "Do" for piano CD
1955/56 Projection for Seven Players (fl/pic, ob, cl/b-cl, hrn, trp, vc, pf)
1957 Cosmos Haptic for piano CD
1959 Projection Topologic for piano CD
1961 Projection Esemplastic for piano(s)
1963 Interpenetration for two flutes CD
1967 Projection for Cello and Piano
1968 Projection for Electric Guitar(s) - Arrogance of the Dead -
1970 Triplicity for double bass CD
1970 Projection for String Quartet
1971 Inter-posi-play-tion I for flute, piano and 2 percussionists
1972 On the Keyboard for piano CD
1973 Inter-posi-play-tion II for flute, harp and percussion
1974 Territory for marimba, flute, clarinet, percussion and double bass
1976 Not I, but the Wind... for alto saxophone
1977 My Blue Sky No. 3 for violin solo
1978 Domain for flute solo CD
1978 Koto Uta Basho's Five Haiku for koto and 17-gen koto CD
1979 Mai-Bataraki from Ritual for Delphi for shakuhachi and percussion
1980 Clarinet Solitude for clarinet CD
1981 Ishibutai Kô for ryuteki, 3 shakuhachi, 17-gen koto and 2 percussion
1981 A Winter Day - Homage to Basho - for flute, clarinet in B flat, percussion, harp and piano
1983 Interpenetration No. 2 for two percussionists CD
1986 Cosmos Haptic II - Transfiguration - for piano CD
1987 Mai-Bataraki II for alto flute or noh-flute CD
1987-88 Nine Levels by Ze-Ami for quadraphonenic computer-generated tape and chamber ensemble CD
1988 To the Genesis for sho
1989 Terms of Temporal Detailing - A Homage to David Hockney - for bass flute CD
1990 Subliminal Hey J. for piano (Transcription for piano of Hey Jude by John Lennon and Paul McCartney CD
1990 Cosmos Haptic III - Kokuh - for 20-gen koto and shakuhachi CD
1994-96 JO HA KYU for 5 players (fl/a-fl/b-fl, vn, vc, perc, pf)
1995 Viola Locus for viola
1996 Projection for String Quartet II CD
1997 Solitude in Memoriam T. T. for violin, violoncello and piano
1997 Melodies for piano CD
1997 Reigaku - In Memoriam Isang Yun - for alto flute CD
1997 Cosmos Haptic IV for violoncello and piano CD
1999 Scenes with a Harp for harp and tape
2000 Inter-posi-play-tion III for English horn and double bass
2001 Projection for String Trio
2002 A Dream for piano
2003 Good Night for piano
2004 Projection for Tenor Recorder
2004 Projection for Two Pianos
2005 Koto Uta Buson's Five Haiku for 6 Japanese instrumental players
2005 Lullaby for Rena for piano
2006 Rambling Tuba for tuba
2006 Music for Marimba for marimba solo
2007 Four Imaginary Landscapes from Basho for violin and piano

Works for Voice(s)/Chorus
1964 Kansoku for voices
1971 Utterance for mixed chorus
1971 Questions for mixed chorus
1973 Performing Poem "Calling Together" for mixed chorus
1974 Projections on Basho's Haiku for mixed chorus and vibraphone CD
1979 Projection Onomatopoetic for mixed chorus
1983 Observations on Weather Forecasts for baritone and trumpet
1984 Shin Kiyari Kanda Sanka for male chorus and shakuhachi (five or more)
1984 Dear Old Songs of America for mixed chorus
1983-84 Composition on Ze-Ami's Nine Grades for male chorus
1985 Uta Asobi (Play Songs) on Onomatopoeia for children's chorus
1988 Mutterings for soprano (or mezzo-soprano) and 7 players CD
1988 Suite Fûshi Gyôun for Japanese traditional instruments, alto and tenor
1991 Phonomatopoeia for mixed chorus
1982-99 Furusato Eisho for female chorus and piano
1995 Responsorium from "Requiem of Reconcilation" for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra CD
1999 Projection for Voice - as a sonic apparatus for mixed chorus
2002 Four Seasons from Basho's Haiku for male chorus CD
2003 Sora (The Sky) for soprano and piano
2003(pub.) Beautiful Songs for Children for voice and piano
2004 Iki (Breath) for mixed chorus
2005 Two Songs from R. D. Laing for voice
2006 Kaze (Wind) for mixed chorus
2006 Aki (Autumn) for mixed chorus
2007 Five Haiku from Buson for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, string quartet and harp

Electronic/Computer Music
1961 Aoi no Ue (music concrete)
1964 Projection Esemplastic for White Noise (electronic music) CD
1967 Icon on the Source of White Noise (5 channel electronic music)
1969 Voices Coming (stereophonic tape)
1970 Music for Space Projection (36 channel tape music)
1975 My Blue Sky No. 1 (stereophonic tape)
1976 My Blue Sky No. 2 - in Southern California - (4 channel computer-electronic music)
1984 Towards "The Midnight Sun" - homage to Ze-Ami - for quadraphonic computer -generated tape and amplified piano CD
1987 A Study in White (computer music)
1991 Eye on Genesis for UPIC (tape) CD

Music for Movie
1962 The Body (directed by Masashige Narusawa)
1965 Black Snow (directed by Tetsuji Takechi)
1965 Pleasures of the Flesh (directed by Nagisa Oshima)
1967 Mothers (directed by Toshio Matsumoto)
1969 The Funeral Parade of Roses (directed by Toshio Matsumoto)
1973 War by a Sixteen-Year-Old Boy (directed by Toshio Matsumoto)
1974 Poet's Life (directed by Kihachiro Kawamoto)
1981 The Island of the Evils (directed by Masahiro Shinoda)
1985 The Funeral (directed by Juzo Itami)
1999 The Castle of Owls (directed by Masahiro Shinoda)

Music for Broadcasting
1964 A Box (radio drama)
1965 Good Morning India (radio drama)
1966 Comet Ikeya (radio drama)
1967 Mandara (radio drama)
1967 Princess Comet (TV drama)
1969 Apocalypse (radio drama)
1972 Ai yori Aoku (TV drama)
1974 Genroku Taihei Ki (TV drama)
1978 Kusa Moeru (TV drama)
1997 Tokugawa Yoshinobu (TV drama)

Choral Channel
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