Toru Takemitsu: Complete Works
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[ON] Ongaku no tomo sha
[PE] C. F. Peters
[SA] Éditions Salabert
[SC] Schott Japan
[UE] Universal Edition
[UN] Unpublished

Toru Takemitsu, Silent Garden, Tokyo: Shinchosha, 1999.
Complete Takemitsu Edition, Tokyo: Shogakukan, 2002-2004.

Vol. 1 Orchestral works
Vol. 2 Instrumental works, chorale
Vol. 3 Music for movies 1
Vol. 4 Music for movies 2
Vol. 5 Popular songs, tape-music, music for the theater, radio and TV, addenda

Orchestral Works

1957 Requiem for Strings for string orchestra [SA] CD
1958 Tableau Noir for speaker and chamber orchestra [UN] CD
1958 Solitude Sonore for orchestra [UN*] CD
1959 Scene for violoncello and string orchestra [SC] CD
1961 Music of Trees for orchestra [PE] CD
1962 Coral Island for soprano and orchestra [SA] CD
1962 Corona II for string(s) [SA] CD
1964 Textures for piano and orchestra [SA] CD
1966 The Dorian Horizon for 17 strings [ON] CD
1963, 66/76 Arc Part I for piano and orchestra [SA] CD
1964, 66/76 Arc Part II for piano and orchestra [SA] CD
1967 Green for orchestra [PE] CD
1967 November Steps for biwa, shakuhachi and orchestra [PE] CD
1968 Asterism for piano and orchestra [PE] CD
1969 Crossing for 4 soloists, female voices and two orchestras [SA] CD
1970 Eucalypts I for flute, oboe, harp and string orchestra [SA] CD
1971 Cassiopeia for percussion solo and orchestra [SA] CD
1971 Winter for orchestra [SA] CD
1973 Autumn for biwa, shakuhachi and orchestra [SA] CD
1974 Gitimalya - Bouquet of Songs - for marimba solo and orchestra [SA] CD
1973, 79 In an Autumn Garden for gagaku orchestra [SC] CD
1974-75 Quatrain for clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and orchestra [SA] CD
1976 Marginalia for orchestra [SA] CD
1977 A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden for orchestra [SA] CD
1980 Far calls. Coming, far! for violin and orchestra [SC] CD
1981 A Way a Lone II for string orchestra [SC] CD
1981 Toward the Sea II for alto flute, harp and string orchestra [SC] CD
1981 Dreamtime for orchestra [SC] CD
1982 Rain Coming for chamber orchestra [SC] CD
1982 Star-Isle for orchestra [SC] CD
1983 Lacrima for string orchestra [UN]
1983 To the Edge of Dream for guitar and orchestra [SC] CD
1984 Vers, l'arc-en-ciel, Palma for oboe d'amore, guitar and orchestra [SC] CD
1984 Orion and Pleiades for violoncello and orchestra [SC] CD
1984 riverrun for piano and orchestra [SC] CD
1985 Dream/Window for orchestra [SC] CD
1971-86 Gémeaux for oboe solo, trombone solo, two orchestras and two conductors [SC] CD
1987 I Hear the Water Dreaming for flute and orchestra [SC] CD
1987 Nostalghia - in Memory of Andrei Tarkovskij - for violin and string orchestra [SC] CD
1987 Yugure ni for orchestra (arrangement) [UN] CD
1988 Twill by Twilight - In Memory of Morton Feldman - for orchestra [SC] CD
1988 Tree Line for chamber orchestra [SC] CD
1988 For Lenny's Birthday for orchestra (One of the eight variations on themes by Leonard Bernstein) [UN]
1989 A String Around Autumn for viola and orchestra [SC] CD
1990 Visions for orchestra [SC] CD
1990 My Way of Life -In Memory of Michael Vyner - for baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra [SC] CD
1990 From me flows what you call Time for five percussionists and orchestra [SC] CD
1991 Fantasma/Cantos for clarinet and orchestra [SC] CD
1991 Quotation of Dream - Say sea, take me! - for two pianos and orchestra [SC] CD
1991 How slow the Wind for orchestra [SC] CD
1992 Ceremonial - An Autumn Ode - for orchestra with sho [SC] CD
1992 Family Tree - Musical Verses for Young People - for narrator and orchestra [SC] CD
1993 Archipelago S. for 21 players [SC] CD
1994 Fantasma/Cantos II for trombone and orchestra [SC] CD
1994 Spirit Garden for orchestra [SC] CD
1995 Spectral Canticle for violin, guitar and orchestra [SC] CD
1994/95 Three Film Scores Arrangement for string orchestra on music originally composed for the films [SC] CD
1995 Comme la Sculpture de Miró for flute, harp and orchestra (Takemitsu's last work; incomplete)

*In fact, this piece is included in a book "Nihon no Sakkyoku 1959 (Japanese Composition 1959) " published by Ongaku no tomo sha.

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