Michio Mamiya - List of Works

Stage Works
1956 Musical "Kaguya-hime"
1959 Opera "The Old Tale - Tarobei, The Slave Dealer"
1959 Oratorio "Tobi" for soprano, 3 actors, mixed chorus and orchestra
1960 Oratorio "June 15, 1960" for narrator, mixed chorus, percussion
1962 Mono Musical "Obāsan to sake" for voice and piano
1963 Ballet "Gion Festival" (orchestra)
1965 Opera "Clairvoyant Monkey Painter"
1967 Musical "Elmer's Adventure"
1969 Vicissitudes in Dance for 2 shakuhachi, biwa, futozao
1974 Opera "Narukami"
1976 Mono Drama "Bokumen Ennen" for soprano, flute [alt saxophone], double bass, drums and piano
1977 Ballet "Kiraigo" for organ and 4 percussionists
1978 Jinjiku Furyu Odori for 3 flutes and 6 percussionists
1982 Dance Concertante for flute, clarinet, trampet, trombone, percussion, violin and double bass
1990 Opera "Yonaga-hime and Mimio"
1991 Tobikura-Gigakan, Myoren no Hachi for actor, 2 shomyo singers, children's chorus, 3 flutes, biwa and 4 percussionists
1992 The Path of the White Wind, Nilchi'i Ligai
1996 Wild Pear for narrator, flute, string quartet and piano
1999 Oratorio "Future Surges" for soprano, baritone, mixed chorus, shomyo, narrators and orchestra

Orchestral Works
1954 Piano Concerto No. 1
1955 Symphony
1957 Concerto for 8 kotos and chamber orchestra
1957 Emburi - Deux tableaux pour orchestre
1959 Violin Concerto No. 1
1965 Deux tableaux pour orchestre '65
1966 Doppio concerto grosso
1970 Piano Concerto No. 2
1974 Serenade for Orchestra
1975 Violin Concerto No. 2 (Concerto no. 2 for violin and orchestra)
1975 Cello Concerto (Concerto per violoncello ed orchestra)
1978 Concerto for Orchestra
1982 Prélude, incantation et jeux for 2 flutes and string orchestra
1984 String Quintet (Adapted Version for String Orchestra)
1985 Tableaux pour orchestre '85 for 8 tenors and orchestra
1987 Four Visions "Grave of the Fireflies" for pan flute, clarinet, guitar, celesta, electronic piano, harp and strings
1989 Antler
1990 Piano Concerto No.3 (Concerto III for piano and orchestra)
1991 Singing Birds in the Mountains for string orchestra
1997 Piano Concerto No. 4 "Scenes of an Unborn Opera"
2002 Mates of the Earth
2005 Tableaux pour orchestre 2005

Wind Orchestral Works
1977 March "Iwaki"
1986 Overture for Band
1989 March "Glory of Catalonia"
1993 Berry and Step a Dance

Ensemble & Solo Instrumental Works
1950 Cello Sonata
1952 Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
1953 Sonata for Violin and Piano
1957 Music for 4 Kotos
1958 Sonata for Two Violins and Piano
1958 Music for 3 Kotos
1958 5 Pieces for Seven Musicians
1960 Songs of the Beautiful South Country for violin, cello and piano
1960 Uta for cello and piano
1962 Three Movements for Wind Quintet
1962 Quartet for Shakuhachi, Sangen and Two Kotos
1963 String Quartet No. 1
1966 Meditation Based on Yosakoi-bushi for violin and piano
1966 Sonata for Violin, Piano, Percussion and Double Bass
1969 Sonata for Violoncello Solo
1970 Sonata for Violin Solo
1971 Prelude for Shakuhachi No. 1
1971 Prelude for Shakuhachi No. 2
1972 Concerto for Nine Players for 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos and double bass
1972 Six Japanese Folk Songs for violoncello and piano
1974 Ballade for flute and 2 cellos
1974 Homage to Chestnut Hill for violin, violoncello and piano
1977 Piano Trio for violin, violoncello and piano
1977 Five Finnish Folk Songs for violoncello and piano
1979 Sora ni fue fuku hito no iru fūkei for flute, oboe, violin, viola and cello
1979 Sacred Spells for guitar solo
1980 String Quartet No. 2 "All the Life Springs out from the Ocean of Harmony"
1981 Nocturn I for sangen
1982 String Quintet
1983 No-no-uta No. 1 for koto solo
1985 Scheme for Four for shakuhachi, 2 kotos and shamisen
1986 Nocturne II for sho and 2 kotos
1986 Taqsim for 2 shakuhachi, 20-gen, shamisen and percussion
1987 Gen-ya for violin and piano
1988 KIO for cello and shakuhachi
1988 Sol on Soil for organ
1988 No-no- uta No. 2 for shakuhachi, shamisen and 20-gen
1989 December Toccata for harpsichord
1991 Moon Freezing for nohkan, guitar
1994 Rikuchō for shakuhachi, cello and 2 kotos (13-gen)
1997 Trobriand for clarinet, marimba, percussion and double bass
1998 Sonata for Cello and Piano
1999 String Quartet No. 3 "A Song of the White Wind"
2002 Shugan for violoncello

Piano Works
1948 Sonatine
1948 Rhapsody
1949 Composition for Piano
1952 Three Movements for Two Pianos
1955 3 Inventions
1955 2 Pieces from Folksongs of Tohoku Region
1955 Piano Sonata No. 1
1972 3 Preludes
1973 Piano Sonata No. 2 (Deuxième sonate pour piano)
1977-78 Nihon no Kodomo - for Young Pianists
1983 Diferencias
1977/84 Six Preludes
1985 Lament (Kanashiki Uta)
1985 Mates on the Earth (4 hands)
1985-86 Pathway for Piano
1987 Piano Sonata No. 3 "Spring"
2001 Piano Sonata No. 4 "Yodaka no Hoshi" for piano and narrator
2002 When Houses Were Alive for narrator and piano
2003-04 Etudes for Piano ( I - VI)
2004 Wind Wrought--Offertorium (for left hand)

Vocal Works
1955- Japanese Folk Song Collection for voice and piano
Vol.1 (1955) , Vol. 2 (1957), Vol. 3 (1958), Vol. 4 (1959) , Vol. 5 (1968), Vol. 6 (1999)
1958 Love Songs from Manyōshū Poems for alto and piano
1966 Spell for baritone and 13 players
1971 Serenade for soprano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello and piano
1975 Bai for baritone and piano
1985 Mukashi-banashi "Oibore Kamisama" for voice, shinobue, shamisen, percussion and piano
1986 Serenade II for voice, violin and piano
1988 Dasuke no Kubi for voice, flute, shamisen and percussion
1992 Briefmarke (Postage Stamp) for voice, crumhorn [recorder], violin and lute [ud]
1992 Far Beyond the Sky for voice and piano
1993 Yumetagai Nanaguratenchi Tsugaidan for voice, violin and shamisen
1994 Crossing for voice and 13 players
1997 Sugaebon Oku-jōruri I "Masu ga Makura ni" for 4 singers, 2 shamisen, biwa, shakuhachi, 2 shinobue and 2 percussions
1997 Utsuho for koto with singing
1997 Ayukawa no...Tauta for koto and sangen with singing
1998 Sugaebon Oku-jōruri II "Shiohikari" for 5 singers, 2 shamisen, biwa, flute and 2 percussions
1998 Kadha for shomyo and cello
1998 Three Songs "Kani Tsun-tsun" for voice and piano
1999 Sugaebon Oku-jōruri III "Onibushi" for 4 singers, 2 shamisen, 2 shinobue (with shakuhachi) and percussion
2001 Serenade III "Germ" for voice, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos and percussion
2003 Myth for voice and piano
2003 Snow in the Town for voice and piano
2004 Nanzo Tale for voice, biwa, shamisen, 2 kotos, shakuhachi, 2 shinobue and 3 percussions

Choral Works
1958 Composition for Chorus No. 1 for mixed chorus
1959 Two Songs from the Northland for mixed chorus
1962 Composition for Chorus No. 2 for mixed chorus, flute and percussion
1963 Composition for Chorus No. 3 for male chorus
1963 Composition for Chorus No. 4 "Children's Field" for chidren's chorus and orchestra
1964 Cantata "Daibutsu-Kaigen" for tenor, baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra
1958-65 Four Songs for Female Chorus for female chorus and piano, flute and percussion
1966 Composition for Chorus No. 5 "Chojugiga (Animals in Frolic)" for mixed chorus, double bass and percussion
1966 Shabushabu to guimi for children's chorus
1966 Five Children's Songs for children's (female) chorus
1967 The Volga Boatman's Song for mixed chorus, piano, percussion and double bass (arrangement)
1968 Composition for Chorus No. 6 for male chorus
1967-69 12 Inventions for Chorus from Japanese Folk-melodies for mixed chorus
1969 Five Pietas for mixed chorus
1971 Composition for Chorus No. 8 for 3 chorus groups with 3 conductors
1972 Composition for Chorus No. 7 "Mammoth Cemetary" for children's chorus
1974 Composition for Chorus No. 9 "Transmutation" for mixed chorus, 2 harps, 2 double basses, percussion and organ
1976 Kids Sing for children's chorus
1977 Mukouyama no Berobero for children's chorus
1979 Até netsik for children's chorus
1979 Shōrei shinshō "Shingon Shōmyō" for baritone, chorus, organ and percussion
1980 Sanshikizoshi for children's chorus
1981 Composition for Chorus No. 10 "Ongoh-oh-ni" for mixed chorus and piano
1983 Kang-gang Swol-re for mixed chorus and percussion
1984 Composition for Chorus No. 11 for mixed chorus, biwa and percussion
1986 Composition for Chorus No. 12 "From Far-off Tommorow" for children's/women's chorus and string ensemble (or 2 pf)
1987 Brahma-nada for narrator, mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone, children's chorus, mixed chorus, 2 pianos, synthesizer and percussion
1988 Motet Vernale for children's chorus
1989 Kamuromi no Suzu for mixed chorus, piano and percussion
1992 Thy Voice Turns into Pollen for male chorus
1993 Composition for Chorus No. 13 "White Shell Woman" for mixed chorus and percussion
1994 Composition for Chorus No. 14 for male chorus and percussion
1995 Song of Trees for children's chorus and percussion (Joint work with Olli Kortekangas)
1983-99 Etudes for Chorus for equal chorus
2002 Composition for Chorus No. 15 for children's chorus and piano
2004 Composition for Chorus No. 16 for mixed chorus CD
2006 Songbirds of passage for children's (female) chorus
2007 Composition for Chorus No. 17 for mixed chorus

Film Score
1958 Young Breasts (Joint work with Seiji Hiraoka)
1959 Love Letter
1968 Hols: Prince of the Sun
1969 The River with No Bridge
1970 The River with No Bridge (2nd Part)
1982 Gauche the Cellist
1988 The Grave of the Fireflies

Choral Channel

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