Jo Kondo: Works Omitted from His Official List of Works

Orchestral Works
1971 Non-Projection for 2 pianos and orchestra
1975 Birdphone Functions

Chamber & Solo Works
1968 Monologue and Five Instruments for flute and piano
1969 Fields for 2 amplified prepared pianos and amplified flute
1970 Breeze for 9 players (2 flutes, 2 clarinets, cello, double bass and 3 percussionists)
1970 Modulation for double bass, piano, sô and cowbell
1970 Summer Days for clarinet and tape
1971 Air I for amplified piano with trumpet
1971 Air II for 1 or 3 percussionist(s)
1971 For Piano Players for x pianos
1972 Courtesy for 2 guitars and double bass
1972 Out for alto trombone and foot drum
1972 Spacing Inaudible for violin, guitar, bongo
1974 Ashore for tape, flute, piano, electronic organ, harp, double bass, percussion and harmonica

Vocal Works
1974 Mine for traditional recital hall (mixed chorus)
1975 False Positions for 4 singers, percussion, synthesizer, electronic organ, and electronic piano
1977 Kekai Sekai for mixed chorus

Electronic Music
1971 Never Return

Choral Channel Choral Channel (Japanese)

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