Mareo Ishiketa - List of Works

Stage Works
1956 Opera "Sotoba Komachi"
1964 Opera "Poetique: Mourning Dress"

Orchestral Works
1965 Sinfonia in fa diesis e do
1983 Symphonic Revelation for soprano and orchestra
1989 Violin Concerto: Revelation

Ensemble & Solo Instrumental Work
1947 Piano Sonata
1949 String Quartet
1949 Cello Sonata No. 1
1950 (rev. 1964) Cello Sonata No. 2 (Sonata II per violoncello e pianoforte)
1952 (rev. 1969) Suite for Koto
1970 Mue-no-uta for koto, tsuzumi and shakuhachi
1972 Revelation for koto solo
1973 Revelation for saxophone solo
1974 Revelation for violin and piano
1978 Cantilene Meditative for saxophone solo
1981 Mue-no-uta II for 3 koto, jushichi-gen, taiko, kodutsumi and 2 shakuhachi
19?? Suite for piano

Vocal Works
1951 Native (In My Hometown; Furusato no) for voice and piano Allusions in the Moonlight: a japanese lieder recital
1952 Winter Days for voice and piano
1956 The Raven for voice and piano
1959 Requiem for voice and piano
1963 The Two Fold Tale by the Poem of Yoshiki Hattori for voice and piano
1979 Howling at the Moon for baritone (alto), clarinet, violin, cello, piano and timpani
19?? The Sleeting Small Village for voice and piano

Choral Works
1950 Capriccio Sung to the Moon Light for mixed chorus a cappella
1968 Gobiraff's Monologue: 3 movements for chorus and chamber ensemble for mixed chorus, flute, celesta, piano, vibraphone, timpani, percussion and 4 double basses

Choral Channel

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